Sarah Louise Mary was born on 25th June 1971 at St. Albans City Hospital, weighing seven and a half pounds. She had lots of black hair. She started moving at four months and was walking at ten months! She was an alert and a sociable little girl.

She loved going to the allotment with Daddy and always took her rag doll with her. She also loved going to cub camp with Daddy who was helping in the local scout group. She enjoyed camping throughout her life.

She went to Wheatfields junior school until she was almost 11. She also joined the brownies and was in the Fairy Six. She also loved netball.

In 1982 the family moved to Surrey. She joined Hinchley Wood School and also became a keen girl guide. She worked hard at school and did well in her O-levels. She then went on to Esher College to undertake her A-levels.

She trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital in London which she loved.

Her three ambitions were to be a nurse, get married and have children. She achieved all of these in her lifetime. Bless her.