In memory of Sarah Louise Jack

25th June 1971 – 31st May 2008

“…suddenly you were gone…from all the lives you left your mark upon…”
This website is dedicated to the memory of my wife Sarah, who was taken from us all at the age of 36, by an aggressive form of cancer. I hope that this site will offer her friends, work colleagues and family members the chance to keep her spirit alive.

Since her death a number of charity events have evolved in her memory with one aim in mind – to raise money for cancer research and fight this terrible disease. You can find details on these within Sarah’s Legacy. I wish to promote these events within the framework of this site and to publicly say a huge ‘thank you’ to all those who have given their time and energy in supporting not only charity work, but also my family.

Sarah is a hard act to follow; she is missed by so many but I hope that through knowing her and trusting in her judgment, those people with whom she came into contact can consider their lives enriched through her knowledge and friendship.